Committees and Committee Chairs

Submission to the 2014 Pittsburgh Young Professionals Photo Contest by jgp_media

PYP has seven committees, Professional Development, Social, Public Relations/Technology, Social Media, Community Outreach, Special Events, and Membership.

The PYP committees and their chair members are the backbone of the organization. These heavily involved members dedicate their time to bring all of PYP’s events to life. The goal of each committee is to organize events and participate in community outreach that will appeal to a wide range of interests both within and outside our current membership.

If you are looking to build your leadership skills, starting out as a member of a PYP committee  is a vital first step. If you’re interested in becoming more involved in PYP and you want to take the lead in helping to continue to develop PYP to its fullest potential, you may be a great candidate for a committee chair position.

While committee involvement is limited to members only, prospective members are encouraged to attend a meeting for more information. Applications can be found here.

PYP Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee helps PYP members connect with the local business community and further develop professional skill sets needed for their future. The committee plans a variety of events including: Speed Networking, Professional and Personal Development Workshops, Speaker Series and Career Connections. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please contact the PYP Professional Development Committee Chair.

2017 Committee Chair: Jacqueline Foradori

PYP Social Committee

The PYP Social Committee is responsible for organizing exciting and diverse events in and around Pittsburgh. These committee members plan and execute local events, including happy hours, members-only dinner clubs, seasonal activites, and cultural and sporting event outings. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please contact the PYP Social Committee Chair.

2017 Committee Chair: Melissa McKernan

PYP Public Relations/Technology Committee

Help spread the word about PYP! Whether it’s a press release, a radio spot, or even snapping photos at events, the Public Relations/Technology Committee is dedicated to promoting PYP through all mass media outlets. This committee is also responsible for sending PYP’s weekly e-blasts, which include information on all our upcoming events, as well as events going on in and around Pittsburgh. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please  contact the PYP Public Relations/Technology Committee Chair.

2017 PYP Public Relations/Technology Committee Chair: Nicole Machen

PYP Social Media Committee

Whether you prefer to hashtag, like, or connect, the PYP Social Media Committee has a platform for you! The Social Media Committee posts all of PYP’s upcoming events on Facebook, hashtags events through Twitter, posts event photos on Instagram and helps build your professional network through LinkedIn. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please  contact the PYP Social Media Committee Chair.

2017 PYP Social Media Committee Chair: Alexis Satterfield

PYP Community Outreach Committee

The PYP Community Outreach Committee seeks to partner PYP and its membership with other Pittsburgh organizations and businesses. The committee also connects members with organizations and charities that promote the growth of the city through community involvement and volunteer opportunities. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please contact the PYP Community Outreach Committee Chairs.

2017 Committee Chair: Kristen Burr

PYP Special Events Committee

The PYP Special Events Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the organization’s annual signature event, PYP Day, the President’s Wine and Cheese as well as other notable special events held throughout the course of the year. For more information on committee meeting times and locations, please, contact the PYP Special Events Committee Chairs.

2017 Committee Chair: Jessica Camilly

PYP Membership Committee

Members of the PYP Membership Committee serve as liaisons between PYP members and PYP leadership. Responsibilities include membership onboarding, membership retention, addressing member inquiries and creating various member engagement initiatives. For more information on getting involved, please contact the PYP Membership Officer.

2017 Membership Officer: Jessica McCrory